Level gauges servicing, emergency service attendance, worldwide

Fast response, professional service of tank radar gauges and electro-pneumatic level measuring systems

Upgrades and modifications

Gas, crude and chemical tankers level gauging systems extensions, software and hardware upgrades

Spare parts delivery

Spare parts for Emerson Rosemount TankRadar (formerly SAAB) G3, STaR, LevelDatic and many other spares

For over 20 years TAURUS has been providing service to its customers all over the world.
We specialize in servicing and maintenance of various types of level measurement systems; from simple pressure gauges and electro-pneumatic systems to state-of-art TankRadar – today’s leading technology in cargo tank level gauging.

Our uncompromising service quality and professional approach has been our trademark, over the years resulting in full customer satisfaction, as well as the safety and performance of all our serviced vessels.

With hundreds of items in stock we provide a quick delivery to any port worldwide. Full range of spares for TankRadar, LevelDatic and Damcos. Plus temp. sensors, pressure transmitters and other spares for your level gauging systems.

A list of our satisfied clients includes:

AET Shipmanagement,
Anglo Eastern Shipmanagement,
Broström Tankers,
Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH,
Columbia Shipmanagement,
Delta Tankers,
Ernst Jakob GmbH & Co KG,
European Product Carrier Ltd,
General Maritime Management,
Humboldt International,
Navig8 Shipmanagement,
Northern Marine Management,
Polfracht Agencja Zeglugowa,
Polish Steamship Company,
Tanker Pacific Management,
Teekay Shipping,
and many others